时代周 刊十问施瓦辛格退出政坛回归影坛视频

当初决 定要从政的时候,阿诺·施瓦辛 格一下子成为了全世界瞩目的热点。而如今,施瓦辛 格又决定回到影坛,又迎来影迷们的欢呼。时代周 刊专访施瓦辛格,让你了 解有关施瓦辛格最关心的十个问题。

1. The of your new movie The Last Stand is "Retirement is for sissies." You've made four movies in two years. Can we assume this is your  too?
你上一部电影《X战警3:背水一战》的宣传口号是“只有胆小鬼才会撤退”。在两年 间你拍了四部电影。我们可 以认为这句话也是你的座右铭吗?

You would never see me retire because I have a great time doing what I'm doing. Why would I all of a sudden stop? It doesn't sound normal.
你是不 会看到我退休的,因为我 很享受做我现在正在做的事。为什么 要突然停下来不做呢?这听起来很怪。

2. The movie makes fun of your character for getting old. How is age treating you?
电影里 面吐槽你的角色变老这件事。变老对 你有什么影响吗?

You're not as good with the stunts anymore. You make the effort, but you know things are different. Your body hurts. You have to have a sense of humor about it. It doesn't help to complain.
做特技 的时候没有那么得心应手了。你尽力了,但是你 知道事情跟以前不一样的。我会觉得身体酸痛,但我必 须豁达地看待这件事,抱怨是没有用的。

3. Is it true your children like to measure you to see if you're shrinking?
听说你 的孩子会给你测身高,看你有没有萎缩,这是真的吗?

All of a sudden you see your kids getting better in tennis than you, and they're faster on the ski — they challenge you, including in height. They see themselves going up from 5 ft. 10 in. to 5 ft. 11 in. to 6 ft., and then you are from 6 ft. 2 in. down to 6 ft. 1 in. and then 6 ft. ½ in., and they find great joy in that.
一转眼之间,你的孩 子们打网球就比你好了,滑雪也比你要快了——他们在跟你竞争,包括身高方面。你看着他们从1米77长到1米80再到1米83,但是你的身高从1米88缩到1米85再缩到1米84,他们会觉得很高兴。

4. Having worked so hard to earn people's respect, why return to action movies?
辛辛苦 苦赢得了大家的尊敬,为什么 又回到动作电影事业?

Not everything you do has to be serious. It was really a wonderful, challenging experience to be a public servant, to give up the salary you would have made and to get paid nothing to work for the people of California. It cost me just out of my pocket $43 million that I contributed to campaign funds and various issues. At that time, I got $20 million to $30 million per movie, so after seven years ...
并不是 所有你做的事情都必须是严肃的事情。做公职 人员真的是很好也非常有挑战的经历,为了加 利福尼亚州的民众放弃本来可以得到的高额薪水,无条件地为他们工作。光是在 竞选经费和其他各种事项上,我自己就掏了4300万美金。那个时候,我每部电影能赚2000到3000万美元,所以七年之后……

5. Wait, do we have to worry about you? Do you need a loan?

No, I still have a little bit left. And it was worth it. I don't regret a minute of it.
不,我还剩了一些钱。而且我觉得很值。我一分 钟都不后悔我的决定。

6. The  cap-and-trade legislation you passed in California took effect this year. Aren't you worried it will just push all the polluting off to Utah?
你在加 利福利亚通过的总量管制与交易制度是个开拓性的法规,今年就 要开始正式实行了。你不担 心这个法案会让所有人把所有污染排到犹他州去吗?

I think that we will have a great success rate. If the rest of the United States would only do one thing, and that is to be as energy-efficient as California, we could close 75% of our coal-fired plants. That is what states are meant to do, to be the laboratory of the federal government. We have shown the way, so now copy it.
我觉得 我们成功的机率会很大。如果美 国其他州都只做一件事,那就是 像加利福尼亚州一样节能,那么美国就能关闭75%的燃煤发电站。这是州 政府照理应该做的事——为联邦 政府试验法案是否可行。我们指 明这条路应该怎么走,联邦政 府按照我们的样子推行下去就可以了。

7. Do you have any mentors at the moment?
现在对你来说,有什么 称得上是导师的人吗?

Mentors are people I'm inspired by. When it comes to being daring and breaking through walls, Gorbachev became a big idol of mine. Every time I go to Moscow, we have lunch together, talk about policy, about communism vs. the free-market society and all those things.
对我来 说导师就是能让我受到启发的人。所以如 果说起敢作敢为、打破常规,戈尔巴 乔夫是我的一大偶像。我每次 去莫斯科的时候都会跟他共进午餐,谈论政治、共产主 义和自由市场体系等等这类东西。

8. Your character in The Last Stand has a speech about experience and fear. What has experience made you more afraid of?
你在《背水一战》中的角 色发表过一个有关经验和恐惧的演讲。经验让 你更惧怕什么呢?

That's not my style, to be afraid. The key thing is to get rid of the fear of failure because there's nothing wrong with failure. It's not going to kill you. Movies went in the toilet. Acting was s---ty sometimes. But eventually I improved, and I got the Golden Globe, and I became a big box-office success.
害怕不是我的风格。最重要 的事是要摆脱对失败的恐惧,因为失 败没什么好怕的。失败又不会让人死。有时候电影是大失败,有时候 演戏演得一塌糊涂。但是最 后我还是提高了,拿到了金球奖,我拍的 电影都非常卖座。

9. Among your many achievements, you are now Professor Arnold Schwarzenegger of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Institute at USC. Will you give classes?
你的成 就里面有一项是这样的:你现在 是南加州大学阿诺·施瓦辛 格研究所的施瓦辛格教授。你会去上课吗?

I will be doing lectures at USC, and there will be a lot of research by people who are much smarter than I am that will deal with environmental issues, economic issues and political-reform issues.
我在南 加州大学会做一些演讲,很多比 我聪明得多的人会去研究环境问题、经济问 题和政治改革问题。

10. With political and marital scandals, the cover-up is usually more damaging than the act. Would you have liked to have handled your situation with Maria Shriver differently?
关于政治和婚姻丑闻,遮掩这 件事通常比丑闻本身的负面影响还大。你会不 会希望当初用其他方法处理和玛利亚·施莱沃的丑闻?

No. As soon as it came out, I acknowledged it. There was no cover-up. I was not trying to escape the issue. I faced up to it. It was a mistake of mine, and I had said that. That was the end of the story.
不。这件事 一曝光我就承认了。根本就 没有做什么掩饰。我当初 并没有逃避这个问题。我面对了这个问题。我确实犯了错误,而且这 句话我已经说过了。这件事就这样结束了。